Reasons why men cheat

When it comes to reasons as to why men cheat, there are countless of answers. That’s because men can come up with all types of excuses for why they do it. Even men who are in committed and long term relationships cheat on their spouses or girlfriends. There are instances where the men actually blame their partners for cheating. Other times, they may blame the other person they are being unfaithful with or their boss.

Since we live in a misogynistic society, there are all kinds of excuses as to why men cheat on their spouses. One of the typical lines is that every man wants to have sex with as many women as possible. So when the opportunity presents itself, they take advantage of it. A few may say that men are biologically inclined to cheat and therefore must do so. If all men are born to have sex with as many women as they can, why should they stop at one? Then there’s the “I need to cheat because I am not getting enough sex at home” excuse. Or that the sex at home is not good enough.

Many men blame their wives weight gain as to why they are unfaithful. There are others who will say that she is not nice enough to him at times. The same goes for men who justify their behavior because their partners do not pay them enough attention. Besides these reasons, there are those who rationalize the cheating. Some men don’t consider lap dances or online sex as being disloyal. To them, flirting online or sexting other girls is also not being adulterous. These men call this type of behavior a simple game.

There are some real reasons men cheat on their partners. For one, most men do it because they are immature. They forget that their actions will have catastrophic consequences on their relationships. A great deal of men don’t have too much experience being a partnership that requires commitment.

For men who use drugs or alcohol, cheating may be easier since it affects how they make their decisions. You also have men who are addicted to sex and must have it constantly. Insecurity is also another reason why men cheat. He may think of himself as being too young or too old for her. Perhaps the man may wonder whether or not he is good-looking enough.

Experts believe a few men may cheat because they want to end the current relationship and don’t know how else to do so. Not ready to let go until he has the next one ready, he cheats as he sets it up. Other reasons for cheating may occur when the man has experienced childhood abuse or has a lack of social support from other males. There is also the selfishness, revenge or out of anger unfaithfulness. In the end, men cheat for all types of reasons. And when they want to, there are endless ones.

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