Celebrities Sex Pics Which Set The Internet On Fire

Celebrities Sex Pics Which Set The Internet On Fire


Every once in a while there is something that goes viral online. It could be a video, a photograph or other things. No matter what it is, in each instance, the stuff becomes an internet sensation. This happens very often with celebrity photos. Famous people love taking pics of themselves and posting them on social media sites. Once the followers see them, they begin to comment and share them. Although some celebrities are content with posting regular photos, others often post racy and even naked sex pics of themselves.

In other instances, the famous person may have sent the naked pics to a friend, another celeb or a spouse. However, the celebrity sex pics somehow end up online or being leaked. Beside this, you also have instances where the stars have their private accounts hacked. There are several reasons why this happens since hackers are always looking to cash in. Having access to celebrity nudes means not only money for the hackers, but also online fame and notoriety for them.

There have been numerous celebrities whose naked sex pics have caused the internet to go wild. While a few may have had only their sex pics hacked, leaked and posted, others fared worst. For some, their own private celebrity sex tapes or celebrity porn videos have been leaked. In all, there are countless of famous individuals who have set the internet on fire due to their naked sex pics being posted online.

One of the things which makes the celebrity nudes so popular is the desire factor. Most people who love Hollywood stars or famous celebs always want to see more of them. Especially if the stars have hot bodies – as most of them do. Nothing like seeing the tits, ass or private areas of a famous person. Unfortunately, most celebs don’t take off their clothes for the camera. Fans are left always wondering what his or her favorite star looks like naked. That’s why when the private sex pics of their favorite celebrities are leaked, followers go crazy. That hidden desire and wish to see them nude or having sex, finally comes true.

Case in point are the sex pics of the gorgeous and hot starlet Jennifer Lawrence. Fans always wanted to see Jennifer show her nice firm tits in any movie. But, Miss Lawrence never posed or performed nude in any major mainstream film. One day though, the private naked sex pics of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked online. Hackers got hold of her account and many of her sex pics were posted all over. Those who dreamed of seeing the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence naked had their wishes granted. In the celebrity leaked photos of Jennifer, you can see her tits, ass and pussy.

Another famous celebrity whose sex pics were leaked online is the sultry Amanda Seyfried. Not only were there private sex pics of Amanda, there is even a porn video. In that celebrity sex tape, you can see the blond wide-eye star sucking on a big penis belonging to her boyfriend. The actress from the movie Spiderman and other films Kirsten Dunst also had some of her private celebrity sex pics leaked. Since she never posed naked before, they became a big deal. The same for actress Emma Watson who saw many of her sex pics posted online. Her celebrity nudes came as a shock to most fans since she always had such a wholesome and nice image. Yet the private leaked sex pics of Emma Watson showed her in a different light. Kelly Brook and Emily Ratajkowski are other famous stars who saw their celebrity sex pics make their way to the web. Users can find not only their sex pics, but even animated porn GIF images people created out of the sex pictures.

The blond and pretty actress and model Kate Uptown was also a victim of hackers. Her leaked private photos set the web on fire since many wanted to see her naked sex pics. The hot and sexy American actress Scarlett Johansson has always been the object of desire for many. Millions dreamed of seeing her nice tits, ass and body naked in every movie she appeared in. But, that was not the case since Scarlett refused to do any naked scenes. Luckily for some, her private account was hacked and her celebrity porn gifs were leaked online. Although there were only two sex pics of Scarlett Johansson, they were enough to light the web on fire.

Besides celebrities from movies, you also have some famous singers who have had their sex pics find themselves on the internet. Singer such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and even Lady Gaga were some whose sex pics can be found. You also have celebrity sex pics belonging to the sexy Ashley Greene, Heather Elizabeth Morris, big chest Kat Demmings, Christina Hendricks, Chyna of WWE and the lovely Vanessa Hudgens. In all, the list of celebrities and their nude pics is very long and will likely grow each day as more of their private sex photos are hacked and leaked.